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If you don’t currently rank at the top of the search results for your industry’s high value keywords, SEO & SEM are almost certainly the highest ROI activity your business can participate in. No other platform compares in its ability to put your company directly in front of prospects at the exact moment they need your product or services.

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97% of people use the internet when researching local products or services (BrightLocal)

Search Engine Agnostic

The vast majority of SEO companies will talk about Google – and only Google. Why? Because, their SEO strategies and tactics don’t create results in Google and Bing. Bing represents over 30% of the search engine market share. That’s 398 billion searches. To us, ignoring such a big opportunity is almost criminal.

Platypi's SEO philosophies and processes create high search engine rankings in both Google and Bing. By its self…just this one aspect of how we do SEO…means our clients can receive 30% more website traffic from their SEO budget.

Over 75% of all traffic on the internet starts with a search on Google or Bing. (BIA/Kelsey)

Forward Thinking SEO Strategies

A few years ago, business owners could take initial steps to help improve their website traffic. Now, taking those same steps could land their website (and official company domain) in Google’s dreaded penalty box – a place anyone who’s been there will tell you to avoid like the plague.

After algorithmic updates like Panda and Penguin, the SEO landscape is virtually impossible to effectively navigate without true SEO expertise.

At Platypi, we’ve invested time, energy, and resources into developing SEO strategies and tactics that are “future-proof”. Furthermore, our approach to SEO is based around creating good content and user experience, something Google will reward for years to come.

Unmatched Accountability

We’d be lying if we told you there aren’t other companies across the country who can achieve similar results as Platypi. (Now…there aren’t any in Birmingham with our skill or experience, but that’s a whole different story.) What makes Platypi different are the things our clients tell us they most appreciate; our constant accessibility – especially for the “dumb” questions, emphasis on ensuring you understand how your marketing investment is being used, and detailed monthly reporting (which you’ll never have to remind us to send).

Before working with Platypi’s SEO team, many of our clients had a prior experience with an SEO company that was inexperienced, unaccountable, misleading, or outright unethical. If you’ve had an experience one of these self-proclaimed SEO experts - that waltz around, promising folks the world at a price that couldn’t buy the smallest town in Alabama – then we’d especially encourage you to give us a call – because, we can show you it doesn’t have to be like that. While we can’t undo that experience, we’re 100% positive that after working with Platypi your belief in SEO - and the character of those that practice it – will change forever.

Leads from SEO have a close rate of 14.6%. That’s nearly 1300% higher than outbound leads such as print advertising or direct mail, which have a close rate of 1.7%. (Search Engine Journal)

Search Engine Marketing with Platypi

The search engine marketers at Platypi are truly experts in their field. When it comes to PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to make the most out of your budget while delivering demonstrative ROI. Our team is well versed in various PPC platforms (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), allowing us to best allocate your hard-earned marketing budget to the platforms that will yield the best results. Not sure whether SEO or SEM is better investment for your company? Contact one of our marketing specialists for a free online marketing consultation.

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