Is your digital presence growing your business?

If your digital presence isn't generating you revenue, it's a liability.


We've created a unique approach to digital marketing.

Everything our customers produce on the web should be treated like marketing content, and our process ensures that we are always conveying the right message to the right customers.

Our Process

All marketing, even print, directs users to the epicenter of your marketing world, your website. A website that accurately portrays your uniqueness and clearly defines your value proposition is essential. In order to create the perfect place for your prospects and customers to get to know you and your business, it's essential for us to complete these 5 steps:

Step #1
Platypi Research


All marketing, even print, directs the users to the epicenter of your marketing world, your website.

In this phase, the Platypi team sits with your team to discuss messaging and content. All great websites start here. We need to know who you are, who your customers are, what your goals are, etc. We collect this information, document it, and craft the perfect message that will ensure that your business is portrayed accurately and that your business needs are satisfied.

Step #2
Platypi Design - Wireframes

Design - Wireframes

Now, we take the research that's been gathered and lay out how the user will read and interact with it.

It's crucial to wireframe prior to designing as this will show the information architecture of the site. All of the pages are created and the messaging is laid out where it will be in the designs. Once this is completed, you sign-off on it, and we move to the next phase of the project which is the most satisfying, visual design.

Step #3
Platypi Design - Visual Comps

Design - Visual Comps

We've discovered who you are and how we're going to talk to your customers, now we take the wireframes and make pixel-perfect representations of what your site will look like when it is developed.

The purpose of this is to create a surprise free deployment. Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a project and not getting what you want. We make sure that there are no surprises because every stone has been uncovered, and we've brought you along the design journey with us.

Step #4
Platypi Development


The designs are cut up, sliced and diced so that the developers can take all the creativity and planning from the first 3 phases and make it a reality.

As we're developing the site, you'll receive a test link where you can track our progress. Once the site is complete, we'll sign-off and move on to the final phase.

Step #5
Platypi Deployment


There isn't much to say here except it's done! It's time to go live and show the world who you are!

Content Management System

Our custom CMS makes editing content a breeze. It allows you to focus on your business and content without worrying about messing up your site's design.

In addtion, our CMS is lightning fast. Our unique technology has eliminated delays when navigating from page to page which greatly improves user experience on mobile and reduces bounce rates.

Platypi CMS

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